Saturday, 14 March 2009

Books on Writer's Markets

I've been thinking about the books detailing markets for writers in the UK. Thirty years ago, there was the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook. It had been around for decades and still is. Its distinctive red cover contains a wealth of information. Then along came a competitor - The Writer's Handbook - equally detailed.

I used both and changed them regularly. They more than made up for their cost as they provided many leads to possible markets for writers. But, a couple of years ago, a new kid arrived on the block - David & Charles published Writer's Market UK. It was an instant hit. Massive, both in size and content, and with a dedicated website, Writer's Market UK became an essential item for the writer's bookshelves. I like it very much and use it a lot. It points me to a lot of markets I never knew about. I am a big fan of this book.

As the publisher's blurb says: "Writer's Market UK is the single most comprehensive resource for all writers - whether you write novels, short stories, poetry, plays, scripts, screenplays, articles or blogs. Following are the features: easy-to-use format and tabbed pages so you can quickly locate the exact information you need; fresh and up-to-date information; feature articles written by some of the industry's most experienced writers and insiders, covering everything from finding an agent and submitting your manuscript, to handling royalties and writing for the web; handy tips on how to approach publishers; and, unlimited access to a dedicated website for writers and publishers."

Now a new updated 2010 edition is set to hit the bookshops later this month and its market coverage is expanded. It includes Irish markets, hence the name change: Writer's Market UK & Ireland. Click on the book cover above to find out more and pre-order if you so desire at a saving of 34 per cent on the cover price.


Wild Somerset Child said...

I did not know of the David & Charles book - will check it out. Thankyou.

方大同Khalil said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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