Friday, 20 February 2009

How did I start writing?

You might ask how it was that I came to start writing in the first place? The answer is necessity. In 1979, and living in Devon, I had just £22 to my name. "What can I do to make some money?", I thought. I was lucky that a previous employer had taught me to touch-type because the first idea to enter my head was that I could write articles for the press.

I remembered once reading that you should always write about what you know, and so I wrote about the loss of a battleship that was sunk off the Devon coast during the First World War and my search for a memorial that once stood on the quayside. Once completed, I sent it off to the editor of the local paper. Imagine my surprise when the editor rang me up and invited me to lunch. Imagine my further surprise when he suggested I write a regular series entitled 'Where is it now?'. I accepted and my writing career had started. A month later, I received my first cheque. It was a moment to savour.


Owen Phillips said...

wow, what happened between Feb 07 and Feb 09 ???

Laurie said...

Well, I fell over and hurt my knee and . . . couldn't remember what I had used as the URL for the blog!

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